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Image Engine 2.0


Looking for an amazing ShareX compatible screenshot tool? Look no further! ImageEngine 2.0 allows you to take screenshots and upload them directly to your domain! But now, with 2.0 YOU CAN DO EVEN MORE! Allowing for live viewing of your files and screenshots, the ability to upload more file types, faster code, and with Discord AND Username/Password login! With an easy setup guide and basic instructions on how to use this system, it makes taking screenshots way more fun! Especially since they go to your own domain!




@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.


It is important that you have some idea on how to setup and actually use your product and to know what you are doing! Feel free to check out the documentation below!

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Those that use code HYPERZ at checkout with CloudTrex Solutions will get the opportunity for your products to be installed entirely FREE OF CHARGE for the first time by CloudTrex Solutions Support Team on a Linux Virtual Private Server. This allows for minimal setup bugs, and easy work for you! All you will have to do is fill out the configuration file to how you like it, send it over, and CloudTrex Solutions will do the rest!

Use code HYPERZ at checkout with CloudTrex Solutions today, then create a ticket in CloudTrex Solutions Ticketing system to claim your free setup!

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